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'Salem's Lot by Stephen King
'Salem's Lot by Stephen King
November 18, 2013

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Show Notes:

In 'Salem's Lot, Stephen King's second novel, vampires invade a quiet Maine town. Continuing his reviews of all King's published works, Arnie reads and reviews this sophomore effort. Is it a vampire story with bite, or does it just suck? Listen to find out!

"What would happen if Dracula came to America today?"  With that conversational inquiry Stephen King was inspired to write the novel 'Salem's Lot.  King's second published book, 'Salem's Lot was a bestseller, cementing King's reputation among horror fans.  The books' success then translated to a television mini-series directed by Tobe Hooper.  

'Salem's Lot is almost 40 years old but thanks to Twilight vampire fiction is more popular than ever.  With all that has come in between, does King's vampire story still have bite or does it just suck?  Listen to Arnie's review to find out as he analyzes the themes of King's book and investigates how this plot resembles some of King's other fiction.  Even included in this show is analysis of the cut passages from 'Salem's Lot, published in the book's 30th Anniversary Edition, as well as the 1995 BBC Radio Drama adaptation.  All in this podcast continuing our Stephen King series!

And join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob at to hear their reviews of the three 'Salem's Lot TV and movie adaptations!

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