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Independence Day: Crucible by Greg Keyes
June 27, 2016

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Show Notes:

Arnie reviews this Independence Day interquel as well as the comic Independence Day: Dark Fathom

20 years have passed between the 1996 sci-fi hit Independence Day and this summer's new Independence Day: Resurgence.  That time passed in our real world--but it also went by for the fictional characters who survived that alien assault.  Fans have long wondered--what happened on July 5, 1996? Were all the aliens killed when the ships went down? Some of this will be revealed in the new movie, but those wanting a fuller explanation can find it in the new novel Independence Day: Crucible by Greg Keyes.  It spans all 20 years and follows old characters, like David Levinson and Steve Hiller, as well as new players like Jake Morrison and Dikembe Umbutu.  

Did anything happen in that 20-year span to warrant a novel? Join Arnie in this Books & Nachos episode as he summarizes and reviews this new story -- and the comic series Independence Day: Dark Fathom!

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